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Sweet potato vegan dog treats

Ethical, plant-based dog chews made with sweet potato

Benevo Dog Chews - vegan alternative to rawhide

Our Best Sellers

  • Vegan dog treats with sweet potato knots from Pawtato chews
  • Vegan dog treats with sweet potato knots from Pawtato chews
  • Vegan dog treats with purple sweet potato from Pawtato chews

What Our Customers Say

5 Stars

"My Staffy has allegies so he doesn’t have anything meat based , so have been trying all sorts of alternatives, every pawtato treat he has tried and he has loved every one and had no problems with his skin or stomach"

Karina, UK

5 Stars

"Our dog loves the sweet potato and rice chews - he will take it to his special treat place and growl if we come near, just like he would if it was a bone. Nice to have a veggie treat."

Deborah, UK

5 Stars

"My dog absolutely loves these treats! She’s always been very fussy but she adores these. Lovely brand and healthy too!"

Jennifer, UK

Spud the dog

About Us

Whether your pooch has stopped barking at the postman or your puppy has passed its potty training, there’s no question that rewards help dogs to learn.

Here at Pawato, we don’t question why your dog gets a treat, only what you’re giving them. Sadly lots of ‘treats’ have rather gruesome origins and aren’t very rewarding.

Pawtato dog chews are made using sweet potato, a powerhouse of nutrition in the vegetable world. They’re a source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Blended with other plant-based ingredients and infused with various flavours, our range of treats are a tasty, nutritious and hypoallergenic reward for dogs of all sizes.

Spud says thanks!